Clean Sweep by Michael J. Clark, ECW Press

Clean Sweep: A Crime Novel

Clark, Michael J.

  • A reformed smuggler finds himself embroiled in a mind-bending criminal conspiracy in this page-turning debut

    Pastor Tommy Bosco runs a Winnipeg skid row mission that caters to ex-criminals and ex-addicts trying to make a better life. Sometimes that better life means leaving the city — and the good and bad guys — completely behind. A former smuggler, Bosco can make anyone disappear, faking deaths and extracting people across the Canada-U.S. border. But then his ex shows up, fresh from the murder of a biker-gang boss. She’s got plenty of baggage, including the biker’s cryptic ledger that everyone in Winnipeg’s underworld wants to get their hands on. Bosco finds himself a fugitive at the center of a conspiracy that has him staying far away from the cops, the hired hitmen, and even his dear old dad. Navigating through a harsh Prairie winter, Bosco must help his ex escape without having to make an escape himself.


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  • Michael J. Clark started his writing career in the field of automotive journalism, winning national awards in Canada for his writing and photography in both print and online publications. After retiring from reporting on all things car in 2015, Michael completed his first novel, Clean Sweep. He lives in Winnipeg with his wife, Carol.

  • Published: March 2018

    ISBN: 9781770413979

    Dimensions: 5 x 7.75 in.

    Pages: 328

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“Clark writes well and has created some amusingly zany characters, not least of whom is the conflicted Reverend Tommy. This debut shows promise.” —

“Clark offers an excellent debut novel that pulls on all aspects of the criminal element, putting Winnipeg on the map for all its less than shiny attributes . . . Those with an open mind when it comes to language and with an interest in a well-constructed crime thriller may find this to their liking.” — Pechey Ponderings blog

“A cracking first novel. In fact I thought it was a later one in a series as it reads as a very confident and smack in your face kind of read. Biker gangs, the Canadian prairies and a cat and mouse game across the plains between the police, gangs and  a few more interested parties besides!” — Book Trail blog

“There are some wild twists and turns in this gritty caper . . . Readers who like imperfect heroes and don't mind grunge will clamor for a sequel.” — Booklist

“A great debut.” — Murder in Common blog