Bad Ideas by Missy Marston, ECW Press

Bad Ideas: A Novel

From $13.99

Beforelife by Randal Graham, ECW Press


From $14.99

Mad Richard - ECW Press

Mad Richard

From $14.99

Ford AbomiNation by Linwood Barclay, ECW Press

Ford AbomiNation

From $11.99

Freenet - ECW Press


From $13.99

Chinkstar Audiobook by Jon Chan Simpson, Bespeak Audio Editions



Honey by Brenda Brooks, ECW Press

Honey: A Novel

From $14.99

Little Fish audiobook by Casey Plett, Bespeak Audio Editions

Little Fish


The Widows audiobook by Suzette Mayr, Bespeak Audio Editions

The Widows


Crossings audiobook by Betty Lambert, Bespeak Audio Editions



Tin Men by Mike Knowles, ECW Press

Tin Men: A Crime Novel

From $13.99
On Sale from $28.99