Pop Classics

Incisive critical commentary in short, punchy volumes of pocket pop



You might be best known for writing about music, politics, primates, or the adventures of made-up people, but ECW wants to give you a chance to expound on something different. On that thing that makes an evangelist of you, that makes you hold party guests hostage long after the coffee has gone cold or has you giving a well-intentioned Skinny Puppy CD to your grandma or Empire DVDs to your dad.

ECW staffers share your pop culture passion, and we’re looking to expand our successful pop culture list with a new series that gives you a soapbox to preach from. Pop Classics will offer intelligent but accessible arguments about why a particular pop phenomenon matters. Possible subjects include TV, music, books series/authors, film, and video games. It can be something nostalgic (Babysitters Club novels) or contemporary (Beyoncé), as long as it’s something meaningful: to you, to its genre, to pop culture, and maybe even to society as a whole.

Running between 20,000 and 40,000 words, Pop Classics are short books that pack a big punch, and just might be the thing to give your dinner companions some peace . . . or give you a legitimate reason to keep on talking.


To submit a Pop Classics proposal, send an email to Jen Knoch at jenk@ecwpress.com with the subject: “Pop Classics Proposal: Friday Night Lights” (or whatever your subject may be). At this time we're only accepting proposals from Canadian citizens. 

Your proposal should include the following elements:

1. Who: A CV that details your writing experience and includes links to previously published work

2. What: An outline of your proposed book: Your central thesis and a proposed table of contents to show us how that argument would develop

3. Why: Some basic information on the subject, target audience and why the time is right for writing about this topic

Feel free to spread the word: share this proposal with other pop culture enthusiasts of your acquaintance.



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