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In addition to our forty-plus years of experience in publishing award-winning books for the general book trade, ECW offers custom publishing services to businesses, institutions, and individual professionals. We have worked with schools, sports organizations, corporations, financial institutions, and individuals seeking profile and branding within their professional sectors. ECW offers comprehensive publishing services ranging from writing and editing to the layout, design, and printing of your project. When your book has a message suited to a broader retail audience, and if this is a part of your plan, ECW can provide industry-leading distribution, sales, marketing and publicity support. Alternatively, we can produce a book to your specific requirements for your exclusive use.

Books for Businesses and Institutions

A book can provide your employees, shareholders, customers, and partners with a lasting testament to all your organization has accomplished. Through gorgeous visuals and well-written text, books have an exceptionally high engagement level and perceived value, especially when measured against other marketing investments. Your story likely appeals to an audience beyond your immediate reach, and we are experts at tapping into all potential markets for your book.

Trent University: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence by D'Arcy Jenish, ECW Press Corporate Publishing

“ECW has a long, established track record which gave us comfort and confidence that our strict timelines could be met, and an exceptional book produced. ECW ensured a smooth writing and editing process, and in the end the book met or exceeded every expectation.”

D’Arcy Jenish, author of Trent University: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

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Books for Individual Professionals

You invest a tremendous amount of time in your business: developing contacts, shaping ideas, and getting your message out there. Is a book the next logical step? ECW Press helps business professionals build their personal brands, amplify their messages, and position themselves as subject-matter experts and thought leaders. ECW works on your behalf, bringing professional expertise to the creation of your book. Our services can take you from the germ of an idea, all the way through the process to publication.

Happy Go Money by Melissa Leong, ECW Press

“ECW Press understood my message and my brand and helped create a successful book that took my career to the next level. From nurturing your idea to championing your book, ECW Press makes the publishing journey a collaborative and rewarding experience.”

Melissa Leong, Money expert, speaker, and author of Happy Go Money

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Books for Sports Teams, Organizations, and Businesses

A book can provide your fans, employees, and sponsors with a lasting testament to all your team has accomplished. ECW Press has been helping sporting organizations build their brands, extend their messages, and celebrate their milestones. We have a deep history publishing books for sports fans, from memoirs to fan guides and commemorative publications.

The Plate: 150 Years of Royal Tradition from Don Juan to Eye of the Leopard by Louis E. Cauz, ECW Press Corporate Publishing

“ECW tackled an extremely difficult project in publishing the 150th anniversary of the Queenʼs Plate. They handled it with professional poise, and I am grateful for their support.”

Louis E. Cauz, Co-author of The Plate: 150 Years of Royal Tradition from Don Juan to Eye of the Leopard (for The Woodbine Entertainment Group)

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Books are always well received and have a much higher perceived value than traditional giveaways. Books can serve as a thank-you for conference speakers and participants, be provided to employees for recognition or professional development, or for use as promotional giveaways at exhibitions and trade shows. We offer discounts on bulk purchases of ECW books, so if there’s something in our catalogue that catches your eye, get in touch and we would love to work with you on the right book for your needs:

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