Cover: The Get: A Crime Novel by Dietrich Kalteis

The Get

From $13.99

Cover: Sunsetter: A Novel by Curtis LeBlanc


From $14.99

Cover: Mason’s Jar: A Novel by John Jantunen

Mason’s Jar

From $13.99

Deceptions by Anna Porter, ECW Press


From $16.99

Thirst for Justice by David R. Boyd, ECW Press

Thirst for Justice

From $14.99

Cradle of the Deep by Dietrich Kalteis, ECW Press

Cradle of the Deep

From $13.99

Refuge by Merilyn Simonds, ECW Press


From $14.99

No Quarter by John Jantunen, ECW Press

No Quarter

From $13.99

Arrow’s Flight by Joel Scott, ECW Press

Arrow's Flight

From $13.99

Tin Men by Mike Knowles, ECW Press

Tin Men: A Crime Novel

From $13.99
On Sale from $28.99