Cover: Wait Softly Brother by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, read by Helen K. Taylor. Bespeak Audio Editions, ECW Press.

Wait Softly Brother

Jones, El

  • After twenty years of looping frustrations Kathryn walks out of her marriage and washes up in her childhood home determined to write her way to a new life. There she is put to work by her aging parents sorting generations of memories and mementos as biblical rains fall steadily and the house is slowly cut off from the rest of the world. Lured away from the story she is determined to write – that of her stillborn brother, Wulf – by her mother’s gift of crumbling letters, Kathryn instead begins to piece together the strange tale of an earlier ancestor, Russell Boyt, who fought as a substitute soldier in the American Civil War.

    As the water rises, and more truths come to the surface, the two stories begin to mingle in unexpected and beautiful ways. In this elegantly written novel Kuitenbrouwer deftly unravels the stories we are told to believe by society and shows the reader how to weave new tales of hope and possibility.

  • Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer is the bestselling author of the novels All the Broken Things, Perfecting and The Nettle Spinner. She is also the author of the story collection, Way Up. Her work has appeared in Granta, The Walrus, Maclean’s, The Lifted Brow, Significant Objects, Storyville and others. Kathryn teaches literature and creative writing at the University of Toronto.

  • Published: March 2024

    ISBN: 9781778523205

    Duration: 10:02

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Wait Softly Brother effectively weaves the world of the living and the world of writing together to convey the complicated linkage between ­memory and mythology.” — Literary Review of Canada

“Rich with the true stuff of imagined lives, and the imagined stuff of true lives, Wait Softly Brother is a glorious enchantment indeed.” — Toronto Star