ECW's Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Looking for the perfect gift?

Brace your elves, the holidays are fast approaching! If you're stressed about what to get your loved ones this year, the ECW gift guide is here to help! We've got gifts that will sleigh all day for everyone on your list!

We're sharing our 10 recommendations for every book lover on your list!

So let's get started!


Refuge:,, Chapters/Indigo

No Good Asking:,, Chapters/Indigo

The Ambassador of What:,, Chapters/Indigo

A Christmas Story:,, Chapters/Indigo

Most Dramatic Ever:,, Chapters/Indigo

Let's Go Exploring:,, Chapters/Indigo

Creating the Mania:,, Chapters/Indigo

Cap In Hand:,, Chapters/Indigo

No Heavy Lifting:,, Chapters/Indigo

Death of the Territories:,, Chapters/Indigo

Stat Shot:,, Chapters/Indigo

Hockey Card Stories 2:,, Chapters/Indigo

The Very Marrow of Our Bones:,, Chapters/Indigo

Land Mammals and Sea Creatures:,, Chapters/Indigo

The Red Word:,, Chapters/Indigo

Moon of the Crusted Snow:,, Chapters/Indigo

Chasing Captain America:,, Chapters/Indigo

A Feast of Science:,, Chapters/Indigo

18 Miles:,, Chapters/Indigo

Scion of the Fox:,, Chapters/Indigo

Children of the Bloodlands:,, Chapters/Indigo

The Call of the,, Chapters/Indigo

The Flaw in the Stone:,, Chapters/Indigo

Nobody Cares:,, Chapters/Indigo

Bay of,, Chapters/Indigo

Vegas or,, Chapters/Indigo

Home Ice:,, Chapters/Indigo

Too Close to the Falls:,, Chapters/Indigo

Best Seat in the House:,, Chapters/Indigo

The Never-Ending,, Chapters/Indigo

Life in,, Chapters/Indigo

Working for the Man, Playing in the Band:,, Chapters/Indigo

Generous Latitude:,, Chapters/Indigo,, Chapters/Indigo

Self-Defence for the Brave and,, Chapters/Indigo

Everyone Rides the Bus in a City of Losers:,, Chapters/Indigo

Clean Sweep:,, Chapters/Indigo

Cape,, Chapters/Indigo

Tin,, Chapters/Indigo

Poughkeepsie Shuffle:,, Chapters/Indigo

Though the Heavens Fall:,, Chapters/Indigo



Happy Shopping!

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