In Memoriam: Larry Matysik

November 26, 2018

Larry Matysik was a true, deserving Hall of Famer: one of my favorite ECW authors, and one of our best, most prolific wrestling writers. Our relationship began 15 years ago when I signed Wrestling at the Chase. Brody, Drawing Heat the Hard Way and The 50 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All Time would follow to great success and acclaim. Larry was the consummate professional, and he cared about every word he committed to paper, just as he took joy in every reader he ever reached and every wrestling fan he helped entertain. He was a humble, giving writer, who graciously shared the success of his books with everyone who had the pleasure and honor of working on them. Larry taught me more about professional wrestling than I was ever able to thank him for. He learned the business from the ground up, a young man who went from writing match reports to working side by side with legendary promoter Sam Muchnick. For the better part of two decades he gifted me with insights and conversations about wrestling and life – things he’d learned in St. Louis and through his dealings with the NWA and, later, WWF, WWE and independent promotions. I often felt like I was getting a free, but priceless, masterclass. More importantly, however, over the years Larry offered me his friendship. And for that I am eternally grateful. I will miss him dearly. ECW will miss him always. All of our love, thoughts and prayers go to his wife Pat and daughter Kelly.

Michael Holmes, Executive Editor

ECW Press




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