Behind the Audio: Shifting the Balance

Shifting the Balance explores how decision-making is changing in the digital economy. The role of data and intuition will continue to rebalance as analytics take on a more significant role in how companies develop and execute strategy. Case studies explore best-in-class organizations from various sectors including pro sports, media, and finance.

As the author, what was the most interesting part of having your book turned into an audiobook?
Other than it being a humbling experience, I enjoyed learning about the process — understanding the role of the publisher, director, etc. It was also interesting to understand the adjustments being made during COVID.
What was it like working with the narrator and/or director on this project?
Very collaborative. This is my first book and I am inexperienced on the process. I got the sense that the team was very open to any suggestions and willing to have me involved as much as I wanted to be. I also felt that they respected the work — which goes both ways!
Where is the perfect place to listen to an audiobook?
Ha! While walking my dog.
What was it like hearing your book in audiobook form for the first time?
It was actually like hearing/reading the material for the first time. I have my own ‘voice’, but it was great to have a different interpretation. Again, it was like hearing a different author’s work!
Who do you think this book will appeal to?
The target market for this is the business reader. First would be executives with a bit of technology bent who are already somewhat familiar with big data and analytics. Many of these individuals would be in the 25 to 50 age bracket. Second, though, is the large market of executives, stakeholders, and influencers who make decisions on a daily basis.

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