Behind the Audio: Descent Into Night

Photo Credit: Valérian Mazataud, Le Devoir

Winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award, Translations, 2018

In Descent Into Night, Goncourt Prize finalist Edem Awumey gives us a darkly moving and terrifying novel about fear and play, repression and protest, and the indomitable nature of creativity.

As the author, what was the most interesting part of having your book turned into an audiobook?
The best part is that the story can be heard by the visually impaired. In addition, some readers on the road in their cars can hear the story.
What was it like working with the narrator and/or director on this project?
It was pretty exciting watching the birth of my first audiobook. I really appreciated that the project director asked me for my opinion during the project.
Where is the perfect place to listen to an audiobook?
In the car, playing sports, in the living room with your eyes closed and savouring the words.
What was it like hearing your book in audiobook form for the first time?
There is a certain emotion to hear my own words carried by another voice, words that have like a new life, in another language.
Who do you think this book will appeal to?
To everyone, I hope. To all those who are curious to hear a story that unfolds both here and in Africa, like a bridge between these two spaces.
Anything else you want to add about your experience?
I think this project is a special moment for me in my relationship with potential readers.

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