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Chuck Farris and the Tower Of Darkness: An Action Story about PlayStation2

Gresh, Lois

  • Thirteen-year-old Chuck Farris is a video game hotshot. He knows every trick of every game worth playing. Chuck has conquered them all. The one thing Chuck can’t conquer is town bully Digger McGraw. One day, Chuck comes home with a black eye and two broken toes. Unable to play sports, he is bored sick. That’s when his mom brings home a PlayStation2 with five hot new games. Chuck beats the first game no problem. But the next day in math class, something strange happens. Chuck turns into the video game superhero! And so it goes. Every time Chuck beats a game, he turns into its real-life superhero. At first, it’s great to be able to scare the school bully half to death. But being a video game superhero gets Chuck into trouble too — with his mother, his teachers, the principal, the basketball coach. It’s hard to tame a superhero. When you’ve got power, you wanna use it! Chuck Farris and the Tower of Darkness is an adventure-packed novel — the first ever written about a real video game console — that offers hot-breaking tips about Sony’s PlayStation2. The first PlayStation, which sold 75 million units worldwide, is the hottest console in gaming history. PlayStation2 sold out as a pre-released item in most major stores in North America. Close to a million units sold within two days of the early Japanese release. The Tower of Darkness is the first in a new series. Stay tuned for Chuck Farris’s next adventure...
  • Lois Gresh and her eleven-year-old son, Danny Gresh, are the authors of Dragonball Z, an unauthorized guide to the popular children’s television series. Lois’s other books include The Computers of Star Trek and The Termination Code  (nominated for a 1999 Nebula Best Novel Award). She is also the author of dozens of suspense, science fiction, and fantasy stories and has been nominated five times for the Bram Stoker and Theodore Sturgeon Awards. Danny has personally played every game in the novel.

  • Published: April 2001

    ISBN: 9781550224405

    Dimensions: 5 x 7.75 in.

    Pages: 128

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