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Chuck Farris and the Labyrinth Of Doom: An Action Story about PlayStation2

Gresh, Lois

  • Welcome to the second novel in the Chuck Farris Play-Station2 action and adventure series! In Chuck Farris and the Labyrinth of Doom, Digger and Jack are back in action, trying to destroy everything that Chuck and his friends, Josh Samson and Melody Shaw, protected in The Tower of Darkness. The Bug-Off lingers, the pasty blue flowers still grow on the bridge leading to the Demon of Runes. New video games have hit the stores, and Chuck’s already beating them. This time, he’s gearing up for the battle of his life. He’s ready. Let Digger and Jack attack, just let them. But when they do, Chuck’s in for a shock! The games have changed, and he doesn’t know how to play the right moves in the Tower of Darkness world. It seems all is lost. To make matters worse, Chuck must leave the Tower of Darkness and battle the creatures, demons, and rotting vegetation of a mutating maze: The Labyrinth of Doom. The rules keep changing, the corridors disappear before his eyes. Other things disappear. People disappear. Why? What on earth can Chuck do to save them all? The Chuck Farris action and adventure series is the first ever written about a real video game console that offers hot-breaking tips, strategies, and commentaries about Play-Station2, the hottest console in gaming history.
  • Lois Gresh and her twelve-year-old son, Danny Gresh, are the authors of Chuck Farris and the Tower of Darkness and Dragonball Z, an unauthorized guide to the popular children’s television series. Lois’s other books include The Computers of Star Trek and The Termination Node (nominated for a 1999 Nebula Best Novel Award). She is also the author of dozens of suspense, science fiction, and fantasy stories and has been nominated five times for the Bram Stoker and Theodore Sturgeon Awards. Danny has personally played every game in the novels.

  • Published: October 2001

    ISBN: 9781550224603

    Dimensions: 5 x 7.75 in.

    Pages: 250

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