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Triggerfish: A Crime Novel

Kalteis, Dietrich

  • You know you’re in deep water when you can’t tell cop from criminal

    Rene Beckman is a dishonoured ex-cop with only two things on his mind: his new boat, the Triggerfish, and his hot date, an environmentalist named Vicki. When the two unknowingly dock the boat in the same secluded cove as a Mexican cartel’s drug submarine, the date ends with a bang.

    With the cartel’s coke-for-guns deal with local bikers torched by Beckman, he’s forced to go on the run with half the underworld chasing him through the streets of Vancouver and the waters surrounding it. While he tries to stay alive, a woman from Beckman’s past — currently on the run from CSIS and the anti-terror squad — comes back to settle an old score.

    When the gangs start to go after his friends, the ex-cop stops running and turns the tables. With a ragtag crew of his own, Beckman faces the cartel and bikers head on. Fast, vicious, and thrilling, Triggerfish delivers a story where all the criminals are in conflict and no one is certain who will come out on top.


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    Triggerfish is Dietrich Kalteis’s third novel. His debut novel, Ride the Lightning, won the bronze medal in the 2015 Independent Publisher Awards and was hailed as one of the best Vancouver crime novels. More than 40 of his short stories have been published internationally, and his screenplay Between Jobs was a finalist in the Los Angeles Screenplay Festival. He resides with his family in West Vancouver and is currently working on his next novel.


  • Published: June 2016

    ISBN: 9781770411531

    Dimensions: 5 x 7.75 in.

    Pages: 264

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“A textured noir thriller, Triggerfish is one hell of a ride.” — John Lansing, bestselling author

“The complicated but fast-moving conclusion is a total page-turner. Unsettling and sometimes horrifying, this high-octane tale will suit hardcore crime fans.”  — Publishers Weekly

“If you like your crime hard and fast, Kalteis is for you.” — Globe and Mail

“In his third novel, this veteran Canadian author combines familiar ingredients — bitter ex-cop mixed up with drugs, guns, sex and bikers, amongst other embroiling elements — and creates his own unique recipe for escapist entertainment of the highest order, largely due to the intriguing nature of the narrative voice and the spectacularly scenic setting of Vancouver, as well as his own uniquely flavourful spicing, like a sexy animal rights activist.” — Digital Media Ghost blog

“To say [Triggerfish] is highly entertaining is an understatement. It’s badass. Straight up.” — Crime Syndicate Magazine

“His prose drills like a woodpecker on wood, and his characters always pop right off the page with engaging, character-specific dialog. . . Triggerfish is highly entertaining, and another big hit from a man quickly becoming the heir-apparent to the Elmore Leonard crime novel.” — Crime Syndicate Magazine

“[An] entertaining example of the detective/crime novel come home to roost in Canada.” — Owen Sound Sun Times

"Fast-paced, entertaining, engaging, funny in all the right places, educational (whoever knew the cartels smuggled drugs in purpose built-submarines? Not me), satisfying. Ticks in every box." — Col’s Criminal Library