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Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book

Morano, Aye Jay

  • Fasten your safety pins and spike your mohawks for another round of pop culture activity fun! Aye Jay, creator of the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book and the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book (ECW 2007), takes on punk with mosh-worthy results. This activity book will challenge kids and adults alike with word searches and drawing games, or just sharpen your crayons and color legends of punk’s past and present!

    Help Siouxsie Sioux apply her makeup. Draw Henry Rollins’ tattoos. Color in the members of Green Day. Part history lesson and part activity time, the Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book will be more fun than a night at CBGB.

    With a foreword by American Hardcore author Steven Blush, and a cover collage of punk art legends, this is a must-have for the music lover in your (dysfunctional) family!

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  • Aye Jay is the author of Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book, Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book, The Gangsta Rap Coloring Book, and The Indie Rock Connect-the-Dots Book. He lives in California.

  • Published: April 2009

    ISBN: 9781550228724

    Dimensions: 8 x 10 in.

    Pages: 48

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“Everyone who is or has ever considered themselves a punk will want to have this in their bathroom.” — 410Media

“No one can deny the inevitable powers that music has to influence its listeners. Morano captures that feeling with his no-frills, primitive illustrations, use of vivid language, and hardcore puzzles and games. The Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book is one place where coloring outside the lines is not only forgiven, it is encouraged.” — Buzzine.com

Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book does away with all the boring analyses and those pesky big words you’d find in most books about punk rock and replaces them with easy to do activities … Regress and be merry!” — Slug Magazine

“Punk fans below the age of about 40 may have a tough time with some of the games (unless of course they’ve done their old school homework). But the book fits nicely alongside the series’ other volumes and the publisher is racking up quite a nice set of releases, which makes us wonder which genre will get the treatment next. Reggae? Jam bands? Jazz? And good news for you gutter punks hoping to buy the book by sparing for change on Telegraph Ave: It costs less than $10.” — YuppiePunk.org