Tatouine audiobook by Jean-Christophe Réhel, Bespeak Audio Editions


Réhel, Jean-Christophe, read by Adam Kenneth Wilson

  • It’s a long way from a basement apartment in a Montréal suburb to a new life on a fictional planet, but that’s the destination our unnamed narrator has set his sights on, bringing readers with him on an off-beat and often hilarious journey.

    Along the way, he writes poems, buys groceries at the dollar store and earns minimum wage at a dead-end supermarket job. In between treatments for his cystic fibrosis and the constant drip-drip-drip of disappointment, he dreams of a new life on Tatouine, where he’ll play Super Mario Bros and make sand angels all day. But in the meantime, he’ll have to make do with daydreams of a better life.

    Bespeak Audio Editions brings Canadian voices to the world with audiobook editions of some of the country’s greatest works of literature, performed by Canadian actors.

  • Jean-Christophe Réhel is a writer from Quebec. He has written several collections of poetry. Tatouine is his first novel, and it is his first book available in English.

  • Published: May 2021

    ISBN: 9781773057699

    Duration: 7:10

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“… a novel of inventive, self-deprecating humour.” — Globe and Mail

“Réhel has a poet’s eye for rhythm, repetition, and stark imagery that thankfully isn’t lost in the exceptional translation by Katherine Hastings and Peter McCambridge.” — Montreal Review of Books

“One of my favourite Canadian books of all time.” — Neil Smith, author of Boo

“Looking at the world through this narrator’s eyes is a wonderful combination of entertaining and heartbreaking.” — Book Riot

“There’s no shortage of light in this novel.” — Le Devoir, 4 star review