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Bad Fads

Long, Mark A.

  • Mark A. Long’s Bad Fads takes a fun and nostalgic look at many short-lived popular trends. Whether you are eagerly practicing your hacky sack skills or trying desperately to forget that you ever disco danced in that awful leisure suit, Bad Fads has something for you. Covering just about everything, from fashion to collectibles to activities to events, Bad Fads takes you on a stroll down memory lane and reminds you of the fun-filled (and often embarrassing) times of the past decades. You may remember that in the 1970s the term “bad” meant “good” to those in the know, and so it is with fads throughout the years. While children tease their parents for the bellbottoms and platform shoes they once wore, parents laugh right back when their old rags come back in style and those same kids are digging through the attic for a “new” wardrobe. From 3-D movies to zoot suits, Mark A. Long’s Bad Fads takes a fresh and funny look at the games, gags, dances, and styles of yesterday. Bad Fads will keep you laughing at our outrageous attempts to be cool.
  • Mark A. Long is the founder of the Bad Fads Museum website. Featured on and Net Reader, the Bad Fads Museum website is a USA Today “Hot Site” and has won NBC’s Cool Site of the Week Award.

  • Published: April 2002

    ISBN: 9781550224917

    Dimensions: 8 x 8 in.

    Pages: 250

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