Cover: Winning Golf: The Mental Game (Creating the Focus, Feeling, and Confidence to Play Consistently Well) by Dr. Saul L. Miller

Winning Golf: The Mental Game (Creating the Focus, Feeling, and Confidence to Play Consistently Well)

Miller, Saul L.

  • One of the world’s leading sport psychologists offers practical techniques to improve your golf performance and learn the peak performance mindset

    In Winning Golf, Dr. Saul L. Miller, one of the world’s leading sport psychologists, describes eight of the most common problems limiting golfing performance and in the process gives readers powerful, practical techniques to overcome these challenges. With his guidance, you’ll learn the performance mindset and emotional management to play with more impact, consistency, and pleasure.

    Do you want to discover what the pros do to prepare mentally and excel under pressure? Winning Golf’s mental training program comes with input from over 70 of the world’s top golfers. There is specific advice on how to improve your short game, develop an effective shot routine, tune out negative and anxious mental chatter, play calm and strong, master the “yips,” and use performance-enhancing self-talk and imagery to strengthen confidence and develop a more competitive golf identity.

    You will also get insights from the Sub-60 Club — the elite set of PGA golfers who shot sub-60 rounds on regulation courses — and hear from several pro athletes from the NHL and NFL about how the mental training they did with Dr. Miller has transferred to and improved their golf game.

    Bottom line, Winning Golf: The Mental Game will significantly improve your golf game, and the very same techniques will enhance the quality of your life.


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  • Dr. Saul L. Miller is one of the world’s leading performance and sport psychologists. For over 40 years, he has helped athletes excel under pressure. His clients include PGA and collegiate golfers and athletes in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, European pro teams, and Olympians from the USA, Canada, and Europe. He divides his time between British Columbia and California.

  • Published: October 2022

    ISBN: 9781770416857

    Dimensions: 5.75 x 8.75 in.

    Pages: 232

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“It’s likely that most golfers will finish this book taking deep breaths and visualizing their next perfectly struck tee shot.” — Booklist

Winning Golf: The Mental Game provides great insight into the mental side of succeeding on the golf course and in everyday life. Saul has really touched on several areas where high level players and weekend warriors struggle whether they actually realize it or not. A great read and for me a great tune up to regain my mental edge on the course.” — Rhein Gibson, PGA Tour Pro and Guinness record holder of the lowest score in a round (55)

“This book can help you to strengthen your mental game and play happier, better golf.” — Nancy Lopez, LPGA and World Golf Hall of Fame member (48 LPGA victories)

Winning Golf: The Mental Game will improve the quality of your golf … and your life. Trust me, this stuff really works.” — Cliff Ronning, 18-year NHL veteran and sub-70 recreational golfer

Winning Golf provides golfers several practical training exercises that the reader can put into use immediately to improve their scores. The compilation of mental advice by Dr. Miller, with input from world class athletes and yesterday’s and today’s stars, make the book entertaining and relevant. It is a must read for any level of golfer trying to bring their game to the next level!” — Derek Sprague, past president of the PGA of America and General Manager of TPC Sawgrass

“I enjoyed working with Dr. Saul Miller in my formative years as a professional on the PGA Tour. Saul’s book, Winning Golf: The Mental Game, is an excellent resource for a better understanding of the mental side of golf performance. I highly recommend reading and following Saul’s guidance.” — Richard Zokol, PGA Tour winner, member of Canada’s Golf Hall of Fame, and MindTrak creator

“I am Mr. Everygolfer, we who all strive to get better regardless of skill level. I’ve found Saul’s recommended techniques to be easy to understand and apply; his process has markedly improved my on-course performance.” — Brian Danny, multiple club champion and founder of the first international chapter of The First Tee (Montreal, Canada)

“I personally cannot wait to put all of these into practice for my golf, it has already shown a difference and I cannot wait to see how much it will aid me in the future.” — Uncovered Books blog

“At roughly 200 pages in length, Miller’s Winning Golf packs a ton of helpful information into a compact offering to which golfers can refer multiple times during a season. Get ready to grab a highlighter or notebook to remember key tips and techniques for future reference.” — Golf Unfiltered

“Golf is a game where you can go from feeling very relaxed to experiencing stress within minutes. Conscious breathing is just one technique Dr. Miller describes in this fascinating book that will help everyone reduce their stress level before an important shot and generally play with more consistency and impact.” — Bob Gelesko, Golf Professional, Rams Hill Country Club, Borrego Springs, CA

“Dr. Saul’s techniques helped me play the best hockey of my career, particularly during our winning Stanley Cup season. These techniques continue to serve me in life and on the golf course. Reading Winning Golf and continuing to work on the exercises prescribed will improve your performance and pleasure playing golf.” — Bret Hedican, 17-year NHL veteran, Olympian, TV broadcaster, and recreational golfer

“This is a very clear, comprehensive, and well-organized approach to developing a player’s mental game. Any serious competitor would do well to follow Miller’s suggestions and practice his exercises as much as they work on their mechanics and their physical fitness. I will recommend this work to everyone and I think it could be especially useful to young kids who are mature enough. It’s a great plan for life in general.” — Jim Petralia, member of California PGA Teaching Hall of Fame and one of Golf Magazine’s top 50 American instructors

“Saul Miller brings to bear his extensive experience working with athletes from many sports on ways of rising to the mental challenges that golf provides. He has worked with golfers of all abilities, studied how the best players manage themselves and their games, and offers practical suggestions for a winning mental game. If you want to develop what Dr. Miller terms ‘right feeling, right focus, and right attitude,’ this is the book for you.” — Lorne Rubenstein, author, with Tiger Woods, of The 1997 Masters: My Story and winner of the PGA of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism

“Guaranteed to improve you as a player! Winning Golf simplifies the mental game and has many practical applications for everyday life.” — Eric Wang, PGA Teaching Professional, Vancouver Island Academy

“Dr. Miller’s book Winning Golf is a must read for all golfers and covers all the internal challenges we confront in the game of golf on a daily basis.” — Keith Maxwell, PGA Professional, Sunningdale, Berkshire, England

Winning Golf dives into the golfer’s mindset: an area that is so often overlooked. This is a book that every serious golfer needs to have on his or her bookshelf, to help start on this journey of self-awareness that is so important not only in golf, but in life.” — Jim Nelford, former PGA Tour player, TV analyst, and member of Canada’s Golf Hall of Fame

“So, if you are a golfer looking to improve your game, or someone looking for an entertaining book on improving the quality of life, you would do well to check out Winning Golf: The Mental Game” — Borrego Sun

“So, if you are a golfer looking to improve your game, or someone looking for an entertaining book on improving the quality of life, you would do well to check out Winning Golf: The Mental Game.” —