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A Year with Minecraft: Behind the Scenes at Mojang

Arnroth, Thomas

  • In A Year with Minecraft, gaming journalist Thomas Arnroth brings you along for the ride in a gripping and entertaining story about how the shy and nerdy can become superstars in the age of video games. Go behind the scenes at the company responsible for this worldwide gaming phenomenon. Meet Markus “Notch” Persson, Jens Bergensten, Carl Manneh, and the rest of the team at Mojang.With over 33 million units sold since 2011, Minecraft has also become a tool for education all the way from U.S. to Kuwait, while the United Nations uses it to change slums in the world’s poorest megacities. In just three years, Persson emerged from total obscurity to fame and incredible wealth, as he and his team at Mojang have changed the indie game scene and how the gaming industry works. With a fresh, interesting and personal view on how Mojang works, this book is a smart read both for the fan, the gamer, and anyone who wants to understand the phenomenon of Minecraft and how it’s changing the world.
  • Thomas Arnroth is one of Sweden’s most well-known and reputed video game journalists, writing for some of the nation’s most prominent papers and newswires. He also works as a video game critic and expert for Swedish national TV.

  • Published: February 2014

    ISBN: 9781770412194

    Dimensions: 5 x 7 in.

    Pages: 276

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"It acts as an observer to the spectacle of a quite man who did not court fame, has little use for it, and yet must cope with its attendant trials...It's a conversation, of sorts, between the people who make Minecraft and the people who play the game." — Polygon

“It would be an excellent read for people who are aware of Minecraft but know little or nothing about Notch or the history of Mojang as a company, or for people who are die-hard Minecraft and Mojang fans with an inexhaustible hunger for detail and inside stories of the game and company. Additionally anyone interested in independent game development or entrepreneurship in general would find a lot to like about A Year with Minecraft.” — Seattle Geekly

"Arnroth manages to weave stories and experiences from several members of the studio together into an entertaining whole ... In an industry full of unique personalities and stories Mojang and Marcus Persson stand out of the overwhelming success of Minecraft. The origin story has been told by the continuing saga of the development studio may be even more interesting based on A Year with Minecraft: Behind the Scenes at Mojang by Thomas Arnroth." — Examiner.com