ECW’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! Whoever is on your list this season, we have the perfect gift. This year we’re offering 30% off of all the books included in the gift guide! Keep reading to get the discount codes for each grouping of books. This also applies to audiobooks and ebooks— which have no shipping fees or wait times!

For the person who runs your book club, gives advice based on what your favourite authors say, and loves to annotate their books

Use the discount code HOLIDAYBOOKCLUB at checkout for 30% off of the books in this stack.

As Little As Nothing: A Novel by Pamela Molloy
Help! I’m Alive: A Novel by Gurjinder Basran
My Road from Damascus: A Memoir by Jamal Saeed
Same Ground: Chasing Family Down the California Gold Rush Trail by Russell Wangersky
The Sisters Sputnik: A Novel by Terri Favro
What Is Written on the Tongue: A Novel by Anne Lazurko

For the person who wears sports jerseys year-round, can indeed smell what The Rock is cooking, and grew up with a backyard ice rink 

Use the discount code HOLIDAYSPORTS at checkout for 30% off of the books in this stack.

Behind the Lens: The World Hockey Association 50 Years Later by Steve Babineau and Brian Codagnone
Blood and Fire: The Unbelievable Real-Life Story of Wrestling’s Original Sheik by Brian R. Solomon
Follow the Buzzards: Pro Wrestling in the Age of COVID-19 by Keith Elliot Greenberg
Conflicted Scars: An Average Player’s Journey to the NHL by Justin Davis
Team Chemistry: 30 Elements for Coaches to Foster Cohesion, Strengthen Communication Skills, and Create a Healthy Sport Culture by Jean François Ménard and André Lachance
Winning Golf: The Mental Game (Creating the Focus, Feeling, and Confidence to Play Consistently Well) by Dr. Saul L. Miller

For the person who loves reading Wikipedia pages, is always sending you think pieces, and likes to tell you about the factual inaccuracies in movies

Use the discount code HOLIDAYNONFICTION at checkout for 30% off of the books in this stack.

Dinner on Mars: The Technologies That Will Feed the Red Planet and Transform Agriculture on Earth by Lenore Newman and Evan D.G. Fraser
From Underground Railroad to Rebel Refuge: Canada and the Civil War by Brian Martin
Has Populism Won?: The War on Liberal Democracy by Daniel Drache and Marc D. Froese
Quack Quack: The Threat of Pseudoscience by Dr. Joe Schwarcz
This Is Your Captain Speaking: Stories from the Flight Deck by Doug Morris
The Twisted History of the GOP by Mike Luckovich
Why Am I Taller?: What Happens to and Astronaut’s Body in Space by Dr. Dave Williams and Elizabeth Howell

For the person who loves a good mystery, always guesses the ends of movies, and probably owns a magnifying glass 

Use the discount code HOLIDAYMYSTERY at checkout for 30% off of the books in this stack.

Fenian Street: A Mystery by Anne Emery
Fifty-Four Pigs: A Dr. Bannerman Vet Mystery by Philipp Schott
In for a Dime: A Novel by John Jantunen
Inside the Montreal Mafia: The Confessions of Andrew Scoppa by Félix Séguin and Eric Thibault
Nobody from Somewhere: A Crime Novel by Dietrich Kalteis
What’s Past Is Prologue: A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery by Gail Bowen

For the person who’d be friends with Eddie Munson, always looks at album linear notes, and loves grabbing lawn seats at concerts 

Use the discount code HOLIDAYMUSIC at checkout for 30% off of the books in this stack.

Clockwork Destiny by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart
Hearts on Fire: Six Years that Changed Canadian Music 2000 - 2005 by Michael Barclay
The Meaning of Metallica: Ride the Lyrics by William Irwin
Recording Icons / Creative Spaces: The Creative World of Mark Howard by Mark Howard with Christopher Howard 

For the person who’s happiest outdoors, is a champion for the greater good, and prefers to spend time with four-legged friends 

Use the discount code HOLIDAYNATURE at checkout for 30% off of the books in this stack.

The Battle Cry of the Siamese Kitten: Even More Tales from the Accidental Veterinarian by Philipp Schott
Change for Good: An Action-Oriented Approach for Businesses to Benefit from Solving the World’s Most Urgent Social Problems by Paul Klein
Woman, Watching: Louise de Kiriline Lawrence and the Songbirds of Pimisi Bay by Merilyn Simonds
Still Hopeful: Lessons from a Lifetime of Activism by Maude Barlow 

For the person who loves getting to know new people, remembers everyone’s names, and loves hearing all your stories 

Use the discount code HOLIDAYSTORY at checkout for 30% off of the books in this stack.

Fishing with Tardelli: A Memoir of Family in Time Lost by Neil Besner
Me & Issy: A Four Seasons Romance by Rosalie Wise Sharpe
The Mother of All Degrassi: A Memoir by Linda Schuyler
Nether Regions by Randal Graham
Play It Right: The Remarkable Story of a Gambler Who Beat the Odds on Wall Street by Kamal Gupta
The Punishing Journey of Arthur Delaney: A Novel by Bob Kroll
The Things I Came Here With: A Memoir by Chris MacDonald

For the person who loves poetry, has a quote for every mood, and always knows the best word to use 

Use the discount code HOLIDAYPOETRY at checkout for 30% off of the books in this stack.

The Book of Grief and Hamburgers by Stuart Ross
If I Didn’t Love the River: Poems by Robert Priest
The Invisible World Is in Decline Book IX by Bruce Whiteman
The Most Charming Creatures: Poems by Gary Barwin
Quiet Night Think: Poems & Essays by Gillian Sze

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