The Dead Kid Detective Agency is Back!

October Schwartz and her five deadest pals are back for another crime-solving caper in the newest Dead Kid Detective Agency title: Loyalist to a Fault (September 1, 2015).

When October raises her five dead friends to investigate the cause of Cyril Coopers death way back in 1783, she expects a dull research-based journey into the lives of Canadas earliest British settlers, the United Empire Loyalists. But the Dead Kid Detective Agencys third quest is a veritable bouquet of misadventures that weaves the American Revolution, a beyond-chaotic school dance, a historic sea vesseland a boatload of supernatural shenanigans into one madcap and unforgettable adventure.

Sneak Peek inside Loyalist to a Fault!

Sneak Peek inside Loyalist to a Fault


The Author


Evan Munday is the author and illustrator of The Dead Kid Detective AgencyDial M for Morna, and Loyalist to a Fault. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Praise for the Series

This book would really appeal to kids who enjoy fantasy, and a twist of the grim. The concept is pretty dark, but the book doesn’t go into too much gruesome detail. Even though October’s circumstances are not cheery, her high school experiences will be familiar to many kids.National Post on Book 1

“It's like gothic Scooby-Doo meets Monster High. Action, adventure, and ghoulishly good times! Who doesn't want ghosts for friends? The story always keeps you on the edge wondering what will happen next.” — The Sacramento Book Review on Book 1

“Fans of the first book and new readers alike will appreciate this fun read. School Library Journal on Book 2

Enjoyably campy horror set in a small town with, plainly, dark secrets aplenty yet to discover.Kirkus Reviews on Book 3

“An engaging tale with a resilient heroine, a dead but lively supporting cast and enough wit to grease the wheels.” – Kirkus Reviews on Book 1

A blast! Fun writing, great characters and a great read.Kevin Sylvester, author of the Neil Flambé Capers on Book 3

October Schwartz has got to be one of my favourite female protagonists . . . Munday captivates with his unique brand of humour and a host of interesting secondary characters—you won’t even notice you’re learning a thing or two about Canadian history along the way.Susan Nielsen, author of We Are All Made of Molecules on Book 3

“[Evan Munday's] text is full of pop culture references, some more obscure than others, but comes with a handy reference guide in the back. Not knowing the references won’t frustrate or deter readers from the story. A successful graphic artist, Munday also proves himself to be a worthy wordsmith on his first foray into children’s literature. — Vikki Vansikle, author of Summer Days, Starry Nights; Words that Start With B; and L is a Four-Letter Word on Book 1

Munday handles this unbelievable plot deftly as you root for October and her friends.410Media on Book 2

Hilarious, geeky pop culture fun and surprisingly touching, Dead Kid Detective Agency was an absolute joy to read. And any writer who says about Jackie Chan that readers should drop his book and watch Chan’s 'Hong Kong stuff' makes an immediate fan of me. I finished this book on a Sunday afternoon and already look forward to Book 2.Literary Treats on Book 2

With off-beat narration, funny pop culture references and some sneaky history lessons, Dial M for Morna is great edutainment.Bookish Notions on Book 2



Nominated for the 2015 Silver Birch Award, Dial M for Morna

Nominated for the 2013 Silver Birch Award, The Dead Kid Detective Agency

Shortlisted for the 2012 Sunburst Award, The Dead Kid Detective Agency

Teacher Resource Guides

The Dead Kid Detective Agency series comes with handy, free resource guides for teachers! You can download the first two resource guides here: 

Teacher Resource Guide for The Dead Kid Detective Agency

Teacher Resource Guide for Dial M for Morna

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