ECW supports fair ebook pricing for libraries

At ECW Press, we want library patrons to be able to read our books in whatever format they choose and to have every opportunity to discover new authors and new works by favourite writers. We’ve always believed that the library price should be the same price as the retail price on a single-user basis, with no expiry, but with a reasonable circulation cap before re-purchase. 

A short survey

The Canadian public library coalition’s campaign about fair ebook pricing has got us thinking at ECW: is there more we can do to encourage libraries to buy our ebooks? Is it most reasonable to charge libraries retail price with a circulation cap, or are there better options? Please tell us with this 30-second survey. (We promise, 30 seconds!) 

We love ebooks!

All of our titles are available as ebooks, and we’ve created a special listing on BNC CataList to help you browse. Our ebooks are sold in all the major platforms, but we can sell them directly to libraries at a better discount. We can also help curate appropriate collections for your region or create title lists by themes, subject matter, or whatever works for you. For more information about ebook curation and discounts, contact

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A few times a year, we send out newsletters specifically tailored to librarians across Canada and the U.S. These newsletters include information about new and forthcoming titles that we think will be of interest, as well as special offers and event information about our library conference/exhibit participation. Find our newsletter archives here. Sign up here.

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