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Why They Cried

Hanas, Jim

  • Whether it’s a report from the real Cannes or a young couple discovering that reading Jacques Derrida aloud can lull their child to sleep, Jim Hanas finds the strange in the everyday and the everyday in the strange.

    Hanas writes a lean and powerful line that makes even absurd situations—a man who cries professionally, a beauty queen leaving her slob boyfriend for an astronaut—seem painfully familiar.

    Why They Cried answers its own question and the answer is funnier than you think.

    This title is available in electronic formats only, and is part of ECW’s Joyland eBook imprint.

  • Jim Hanas is the author of Cassingle and Single, two e-book collections of short stories that previously appeared in McSweeney's, Fence, One Story, The Land-Grant College Review, Bridge, Twelve Stories, and elsewhere. His non-fiction and humor pieces have appeared in Slate, Radar, Print, and The New York Post. He lives in New York.


  • Published: October 2010

    ISBN: 9781554909971

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 160


“These stories by Jim Hanas are about something important: how much suffering arises in the gap between our public identities and whatever kernel of self is left inside... Hanas writes with a swift clip, deploys images so judiciously and vividly, and demonstrates real insight into the way we live now.” —The Rumpus