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Who Is The Doctor: The Unofficial Guide to Doctor Who — The New Series

Burk, Graeme

  • The essential companion for everyone from casual viewer to avid fan

    Doctor Who was already the world’s longest-running science fiction series when it returned in 2005 to huge success. An enormously popular series among genre fans in North America, Doctor Who encompasses horror, science fiction, comedy, action, and historical adventure and is loved for its uniquely British wit and clever scripting. It’s no wonder the series’ hero, monsters, and even its theme song are pop culture icons.

    In Who Is The Doctor, experts Graeme Burk and Robert Smith? bring insights into all facets of Doctor Who’s triumphant return to television from the history of Daleks, Cybermen, and the eight classic series Doctors, to a guide to every episode of the new series. Covering the six seasons of the new series, this is the essential companion for the most avid fan as well as the more casual viewer. Allons-y!

  • Graeme Burk is a writer and communications professional. He is the host of Reality Bomb, a Doctor Who podcast, and the author of three short stories in Doctor Who anthologies published by the BBC. He currently has a screenplay in development. Robert Smith? is a professor of disease modeling at the University of Ottawa. Since 1999, he has edited The Doctor Who Ratings Guide, one of the premier Doctor Who fan sites, and has had a number of Doctor Who short stories published in anthologies. In 2009, he received international media attention for a mathematical model of a zombie outbreak. Together, they are the co-authors of popular guides to Doctor Who: Who’s 50, The Doctor Is In, and the upcoming Who Is The Doctor 2. They live in Ottawa, Ontario.

  • Published: April 2012

    ISBN: 9781550229844

    Dimensions: 6.75 x 9.75 in.

    Pages: 440


“This is the kind of book to keep with you when watching (or re-watching) the series and dipping into when you have an idle moment." — Steven Silver's Reviews

“A thought-provoking and educational supplement to the first six series of the re-launched Doctor Who." — Boomerocity.com

"Graeme and Robert have a talent that might be considered rare in TV criticism — even when you don’t agree with their assessments, they’re never insulting about it, and they always explain themselves." — Craig Byrne

"Who is the Doctor is a strong addition to the many volumes written about the new show, and one that, I suspect, will be referred to long after the more cerebral analyses have faded into oblivion." — Sci-Fi Bulletin

“This is one of the finer episode guides I have run across for any show, and highly recommend it for any fan of the ninth, tenth, or eleventh Doctor." — BookGuys.ca