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What Does the Moon Smell Like?: 151 Astounding Science Quizzes

Everything, Eva

  • What Does The Moon Smell Like? is an all ages quiz book that feeds your brain tasty, bite-sized tidbits of cool science trivia. It tickles your brain while giving it a workout, so your brain won’t even know that it’s been to the gym!

    From the surprising science behind everyday life, to the mysteries on the frontiers of scientific discovery, What Does The Moon Smell Like? explores anything and everything in a user-friendly quiz format. Fun, fascinating, and little-known facts leap off every page – bound to make you, not just brainier, but a big hit around the water cooler too.

    Topics include the earth, the moon, and stars, the universe, space travel, amazing cars, toys, sports, food and drink, icky things, pets and other animals, nature, the environment, technology, geniuses, science fables, foibles, and myths, inventions, discoveries, the brain, the body, and mind, laughter, success, attraction. . . and chocolate.

    What Does The Moon Smell Like? gives you a context for the fascinating facts you’re absorbing. Both the lead-ups to the questions, and the answers, are spiced with even more amazing, and fun-filled, facts. In as little as 5 minutes a day, you can boost your brainpower with more than a dozen facts that will either make you smile, or think, or both.

    Have you ever wondered, “What Does The Moon Smell Like?” If you haven’t yet, now you will, and if you have, now you’ll know.

  • Eva Everything is a music and video artist turned award-winning science writer turned Discovery Channel science quiz meister.

  • Published: June 2008

    ISBN: 9781550228229

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 312