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Tumblin’ Dice: A Mystery

McFetridge, John

  • The Toronto Series hits the casino tour circuit, as rockers turn robbers in search of revenge

    The High had a couple of hit songs in the late ’70s and now they’re back playing the nostalgia circuit at casinos. The bass player, Barry, and the lead singer, Cliff, have found a way to make the tour worthwhile: rob the drug dealers and the shylocks that work every casino. Their old manager, Frank, now works one of their tour stops, and the guys decide to go for one big score and get the millions he swindled from them.

    But extracting old debts isn’t a simple transaction, and the rockers find themselves in the middle of a battlefield when the Saints of Hell bikers try to drive out the Philadelphia mobsters who’ve been running the casino.

    Tumblin’ Dice rolls with cops and mobsters, rock stars and bikers, in a gritty, absorbing tour through a criminal underworld that’s thoroughly convincing.

  • JOHN MCFETRIDGE, author of Dirty Sweet, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, and Swap, became fascinated with crime when attending a murder trial at age 12 with his police officer brother. He lives in Toronto with his family and blogs at johnmcfetridge.blogspot.com.

  • Published: March 2012

    ISBN: 9781550229776

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 272


“Each of McFetridge’s colourful characters takes huge chances, frequently hoping for an equally huge payoff. The only one not taking a chance on Tumblin’ Dice is the reader.” — Quill & Quire

“Eventually, some crime writer or other had to give a novel its setting among the broken down 1970s rock groups who work the circuit of gambling casinos these days. Fortunately for readers, the writer first on to the subject is Toronto’s own John McFetridge. He’s the guy with just the right balance of grit, humour and rock’n’roll knowledge to do the job.” — Toronto Star

“Each of John McFetridge’s…novels have a rhythm to them, mixing taut dialogue, spare description and a dark sensibility with the cool calm of a master bass player.” National Post

“[McFetridge] continues to justify having been named one of Canada's crime writers to watch in 2007 with this latest contemporary gritty novel.” — Publishers Weekly

“John McFetridge is — or should be — a star in the world of crime fiction. He's got a firm, lively hand on all the essentials, from setting to intricate plot, clear, bold characterization and, best of all, to dialogue that sizzles and sparks through the pages, providing its own music, naturally of the hard-rocking kind.” — Toronto Sun

“Readers of gritty, tough and in your face crime novels will enjoy McFetridge’s books. He develops his voice with each one, and his Toronto series gets better and better.” — Crime Fiction Lover