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Trusting The Tale

Hood, Hugh

  • Hood is that rare breed of author whose books are inspired by a profound commitment to art, a deep love of his community, a sensitive involvement with language, and an ongoing engagement with theoretical problems crucial to twentieth-century thought. This collection of essays shows Hood in full, elegant control of a variety of subjects that will appeal to those interested in Canadian literary history and to anyone involved with the literary currents of our time. The essays are detailed, complex, and enriched by the sensibility of the author who has been called "Canada's most learned, most intellectual novelist" (The Canadian Forum). At the same time, they display Hood's unique ability to convey intellectual ideas with warmth, humour, and passionate conviction.
  • HUGH HOOD is one of Canada's foremost novelists and essaysists.

  • Published: January 1983

    ISBN: 9780920802663

    Dimensions: 5 x 8 in.

    Pages: 140