Toe Blake: Winning Is Everything

Logothetis, Paul

  • The first ever biography of Toe Blake — Hockey Hall of Famer and eleven-time Stanley Cup winner

    “Holy Dirty Dora!” Hector “Toe” Blake would bark while pacing behind the Montreal Canadiens bench, hands thrust into his pockets, jawing at chewing gum before intentionally banging his forehead into the glass that separates players and fans. No lead was safe or sufficient for the lifelong hockey man at the helm of the greatest dynasty in NHL history. As a player, Toe won a Stanley Cup with the Montreal Maroons before captaining a stumbling Canadiens organization to glory and a pair of Cups. As the Habs coach, Toe cemented the team’s status as lords of the league with eight more.

    Born into a family of 11, Blake emerged from the poverty of the Depression and a youth spent working the mines of Sudbury’s Nickel Belt to find junior hockey success and an unlikely shot at the NHL. While a fiery temper and penchant for stick-swinging nearly railroaded Toe’s promise, the Canadiens recognized his talent and leadership, and he went on to spend more than 50 years with the organization.

    History remembers Toe being hoisted onto the shoulders of his beloved players, waving his signature fedora and sipping from the Cup, but behind the success was a man driven by fear and an obsessive desire for victory. Despite personal tragedy, Toe always put winning first, and as a result, there are few coaches in any sport who have enjoyed Blake’s success and even fewer who endured the toll that came with it.


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  • Paul Logothetis is a former Associated Press sports writer who contributes to The Guardian and Deutsche Press-Agentur. He spent over a decade reporting from the Olympics, F1, World Cup and Champions League finals while working as a correspondent in London and Madrid. He now lives in his hometown of Montreal.

  • Published: March 2020

    ISBN: 9781770414907

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 288


“One of the most complete hockey biographies I have ever read, this book is a wonderful look at Blake’s career and life and any hockey fan would enjoy reading this.” — The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books blog

“In this first-ever biography of Blake, sportswriter Logothetis provides a detailed account of his subject’s life and career as a player and coach … Logothetis presents Blake’s story ably and thoroughly … The appeal will be to hockey fans as well as filling a gap of coverage of one of the NHL’s top coaches and players.” — Library Journal

“Sportswriter Logothetis delivers a solid, insightful biography of Hector ‘Toe’ Blake … Logothetis provides an excellent look at how both the personal and professional aspects of hockey have changed over the years … This look at an important figure in the world of professional hockey will thrill fans of all allegiances.” — Publishers Weekly

“The book about Toe Blake, arguably the greatest NHL coach of all time, is a very good read and one that is hard to put down … Toe Blake: Winning is Everything is an excellent hockey book and a good gift idea for Father’s Day. Highly recommended!” — Metroland Media syndication