The World More Full of Weeping audiobook by Robert Wiersema, Bespeak Audio Editions

The World More Full of Weeping

Wiersema, Robert, narrated by Bruce Marshall

  • Eleven-year-old Brian Page spends every waking moment in the forest behind the house where he lives with his father. But forests are always deeper than anyone can know. Secrets are hidden in the eternal twilight of the trees. Those secrets emerge into light when Brian disappears in the forest, as his father did three decades before. His father, however, came home with no memory of the events in the depths of the forest. What has drawn Brian away? Will he emerge, shuddering and broken, as his father did, or will the forests close around him, as they have done so often before?

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  • Robert J. Wiersema is a bookseller and reviewer, who contributes regularly to the Vancouver Sun, the Globe & Mail, the Ottawa Citizen, and numerous other newspapers. Wiersema is also the event coordinator for Bolen Books, and the author of Before I Wake and Bedtime Story, which were both national bestsellers. He lives in Victoria, B.C., with his son, Xander.

  • Published: March 2020

    ISBN: 9781773055534

    Duration: 05:29

    Originally published by: ChiZine


The World More Full of Weeping is a tiny, almost perfect pearl of a story - a story of family loss tinged with elements of magic realism Stephen King might have written in his prime.” — Corey Redekop