The Widows audiobook by Suzette Mayr, Bespeak Audio Editions

The Widows

Mayr, Suzette, narrated by Maureen Jones and Daniel Matmor

  • Refusing to accept being dismissed by a society that leaves little space for old women, three friends plan a daring and extraordinary adventure

    Hannelore, Clotilde, and Frau Schnadelhuber are tired of living in a world that does not allow old women to be seen or heard. Determined to prove their worth to a society devoted to youth, the three women set out to undertake a dangerous stunt that’s not to be ignored. With the assistance of Cleopatra Maria, the 26-year-old genius granddaughter of Hannelore and grandniece of Clotilde, the four women steal the barrel from a travelling show and drive it across Canada with a plan to ride it over the Niagara Falls.

    Coloured by real-life quotes about daredevils who have actually attempted to take the plunge over the Falls, The Widows weaves together the stories of Hannelore, Clotilde, and Frau Schnadelhuber both before and during their grand adventure.

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  • Suzette Mayr was born and raised in Calgary, where she graduated from the University of Calgary with an honors degree in English. After completing a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Alberta, she returned to Calgary where she now teaches at the Alberta College of Art.

  • Published: January 2020

    ISBN: 9781773055312

    Duration: 6:45

    Originally published by: NeWest Press