Spells - ECW Press


Vaughan, RM

  • Spells is a violent coming-of-age story set in suburban Canada in the 1970’s. Andy Loch, a chubby 14-year-old, is obsessed with witchcraft and the occult. Convinced that occult forces curse his family, and that he himself possesses supernatural abilities, the boy dabbles in black magic in a desperate effort to connect with his remote father. Andy’s fascination with the occult peaks during “Tut-mania,” the craze sparked by the North American tour of Tutankhamun’s burial treasures. As Andy begins a macabre road trip from his small hometown to Toronto to see the exhibition, his world and his sanity spiral out of control.

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  • RM Vaughan is a Toronto-based writer and video artist. His books include two poetry collections (Invisible To Predators and A Selection of Dazzling Scarves, both ECW Press), the historical play Camera, Woman, and the gothic novel A Quilted Heart. His essays, poems, stories and plays appear in numerous anthologies, and his experimental videos play in festivals and galleries around the world. Vaughan writes about art and culture for The Globe and Mail, Canadian Art, Mix, Xtra! and many other periodicals.

  • Published: October 2003

    ISBN: 9781550226119

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 220