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Slow Carb for Life: The Ultimate Practical Guide to Low-Carb Living

Haakonson, Patricia

  • Change your life with a proven method based on years of sound research, hard science, and personal trial and error

    Having improved their lives with the slow carb diet, Patricia Haakonson and husband, Dr. Harv Haakonson, are bringing this revolutionary, balanced approach to nutritious eating to the world in Slow Carb for Life: The Ultimate Practical Guide to Low-Carb Living. “Slow carbs” are carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index and convert to blood sugar over longer periods of time, allowing the body to accelerate fat burning and to avoid the negative health impacts related to eating highly refined carbohydrates. (S)low-carb living relies on a balance of portion control and choosing wholesome, healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins.

    What sets Slow Carb for Life apart from other low carb books is its

    • simple but comprehensive explanations of the science behind slow carb metabolism
    • realistic and proven approach to changing eating habits and maintaining a slow carb lifestyle
    • advice for special dietary needs (for example, growing teens, vegetarians, and diabetics)
    • easy-to-follow daily intake guidelines for weight loss or weight maintenance
    • handy built-in carb counter and food diary to make weight loss easy
    • more than 100 delicious slow carb recipes for everything from breads, muffins, and cookies to soups, salads, sides, and entrees.

    This complete guide includes everything for the novice and the long-term slow carber to lose or maintain the weight they want while eating well and enjoying a healthy and energetic new lease on life.

  • Patricia Haakonson and Harv Haakonson, M.D., are the authors of Easy Low Carb Living: Simple & Practical Low Carb Lifestyle Advice, which they co-authored after losing a combined 80 pounds through the slow carb lifestyle. Patricia is also the author of Easy Low-Carb Cooking: Over 300 Delicious Recipes for Everyday Use.

  • Published: September 2004

    ISBN: 9781550226805

    Dimensions: 7 x 9.25 in.

    Pages: 369