Six Ostriches: A Dr. Bannerman Vet Mystery

Schott, Philipp

  • “Combines the soothing sleuthing of Murder, She Wrote with the humble charm of All Creatures Great and Small.” — Publishers Weekly STARRED review

    For readers of The Thursday Murder Club comes a lighthearted mystery with an incredible sense of place

    It’s springtime in rural Manitoba, and the snow has finally left the exotic animal farm when an ostrich finds and swallows a shiny object. (Because this is what ostriches do.) Cue veterinarian and amateur sleuth Dr. Peter Bannerman, who surgically removes the object, which looks like an ancient Viking artifact. Soon after, people around are horrified by a series of animal mutilations. This sets Peter, and his talented sniffer dog, Pippin, on the hunt for answers. Peter begins to suspect a link between the Viking artifact, the mutilations, and a shadowy group of white supremacists on the internet.

    Before long Peter and Pippin are in over their heads, and the only way for them to get out alive will be to unmask the mastermind before they end up among their victims.


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  • Philipp Schott was born in Germany and grew up in Saskatoon. He now lives in Winnipeg, where he practices veterinary medicine, writes, and shares a creaky old house on the river with his wife, two teenagers, three cats, and a dog. His first book, The Accidental Veterinarian, was a bestseller and was translated into five languages.

  • Published: May 2023

    ISBN: 9781770417250

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 272


“Schott’s second mystery featuring gumshoe veterinarian Peter Bannerman (after 2022’s Fifty-Four Pigs) combines the soothing sleuthing of Murder, She Wrote with the humble charm of All Creatures Great and Small.” — Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“A compelling read, a fascinating community, and a knock-out lead character. More, please.” — First Clue blog

Six Ostriches is both a good introduction to the series and a satisfying follow-up to its predecessor. Whether read individually or together, these books offer lovers of cozy mysteries and animal stories a heartwarming yet stimulating read, with a puzzle that hits the sweet spot between comfortably challenging and brain-buster.” — New York Journal of Books