Running from the Dead by Mike Knowles, ECW Press

Running from the Dead: A Crime Novel

Knowles, Mike

  • “Combining the intense grit of Richard Stark’s Parker series with the amorality of Jim Thompson’s work, Knowles once again delivers.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review of Rocks Beat Paper

    Private detective Sam Jones’s six-year search for an eight-year-old boy ends with gunshots in a basement and cold bodies that would eventually lead the police straight to him. Jones had never promised Ruth Verne that he would find her son alive, but he knew deep down that she believed he would — worse, he had believed it too. Jones wasn’t ready to look Ruth in the eye and tell her he had failed. He wasn’t ready to admit that he lost everything and had nothing to show for it.

    But an unsigned note scrawled on a bathroom door gives Jones a second chance — a chance for redemption. Thirteen words left by a young girl in trouble give him someone to chase and a reason to keep moving before the cops move on him. Jones follows the trail from an idyllic small town to the darkest corners of the city, running from the boy he failed toward the girl he could still save.

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  • Mike Knowles lives in Hamilton with his wife, children, and dog. He has written seven previous novels: Darwin’s Nightmare, Grinder, In Plain Sight, Never Play Another Man’s Game, The Buffalo Job, Rocks Beat Paper, and Tin Men.

  • Published: June 2020

    ISBN: 9781770415195

    Dimensions: 5 x 7.75 in.

    Pages: 250