Cover: Retirement Income for Life: Getting More without Saving More (Third Edition) by Frederick Vettese

Retirement Income for Life: Getting More without Saving More (Third Edition)

Vettese, Frederick

  • “Fred Vettese is the king of can-do retirement planning. Practical, clear advice from someone who knows what you’re up against and has the answers.” — Rob Carrick, Globe and Mail

    Canada’s most trusted resource on retirement income is now updated for tumultuous times.

    As the global economy faces uncertainty in the face of high inflation — at levels not seen since the 1980s — individuals in retirement or near to it are understandably anxious about their long term-prospects. Canadians need the tools to make better-informed choices to turn their retirement savings into retirement income for life.

    This completely revised and updated third edition:

    • Explains how higher interest rates and higher inflation present both new opportunities and new challenges to retirees
    • Illustrates how the expansion of the CPP (which started in 2019) will affect upcoming retirees
    • Examines the impact of inflation on the deferral of CPP and OAS pensions
    • Explores whether life annuities are still relevant and asks whether there are better products on the market
    • Provides a revamped retirement calculator

    Actuary Frederick Vettese demystifies a complex and often frightening subject and provides practical, actionable advice. With over one thousand Canadians turning 65 every day, the cultivation of good decumulation practices — the way in which you draw down assets in retirement—has become an urgent matter that no one can afford to ignore.


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  • Frederick Vettese was chief actuary of Morneau Shepell for 27 years before turning his attention to the challenges faced by Canadians as they approach retirement. Vettese has written over 100 articles and op-eds for the Globe and Mail and the National Post alone. He is also the author of The Rule of 30. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Published: January 2024

    ISBN: 9781770417175

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 264


“Destined to become the bible of any new or near retiree.” — on Retirement Income for Life, first edition

“Must-read book for Canadians who are in retirement or who are preparing for retirement.” — Cut the Crap Investing on Retirement Income for Life, first edition

“I’m on the record saying that every Canadian retiree and soon-to-be retiree should read Retirement Income for Life by Fred Vettese. It offers five clear strategies for making the most of your accumulated savings and turning it into predictable, sustainable retirement income.” — Boomer & Echo on Retirement Income for Life, first edition

“A great resource for Canadians who see retirement on the horizon and are beginning to wonder whether it is to be embraced or feared.” — PWL Capital on Retirement Income for Life, first edition