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Raised by Wolves: The Story of Christian Rock & Roll

Thompson, John J.

  • An insider’s look at the birth, evolution, and growing popularity of Christian rock music. As the counter-cultural movements of the sixties gathered steam, one of its first splinter groups was the Jesus freaks. In addition to culturally hip pastors, the scene produced a handful of musicians who brazenly coupled rock & roll music with lyrics that reflected a Christian world-view and often became an outright evangelistic tool. Jesus music was born.Raised By Wolves is about this music. It traces the birth and growth of a genre that has married seeming opposites — Jesus and rock & roll — for 30 years. John J. Thompson looks at the social conditions in which this music developed and how it has been evolving in North America since the Jesus Movement of the sixties, including a look at contemporary Christian rock. He also looks at the artists behind this music, including groups like dc Talk, The Supertones, and crossover artists such as Jars of Clay, MxPx, and Sixpence None the Richer. These are the real rebels of rock & roll who live on the fringes in an underground Christian culture. One group, Sixpence None the Richer, recently scored two international hits with “Kiss Me” and “There She Goes.” The band’s self-titled album has also stormed the charts after seven years underground. Which one of the thousands of bands will be next?
  • In 1989 John J. Thompson opened True Tunes Etc., a cutting-edge music store located just outside of Chicago. Soon afterwards he launched True Tunes News, which became the most widely circulated alternative Christian music magazine in the world before it moved to being exclusively online at:www.TrueTunes.com. Thompson founded his own band and his own record label and has produced two albums for independent bands. He has published articles about progressive Christian music, has contributed a chapter to a handbook for Christian musicians, and has written two short books.

  • Published: November 2000

    ISBN: 9781550224214

    Dimensions: 6.75 x 9.75 in.

    Pages: 262