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Power Through Presentations: Tips and Tricks to Build a Better Slide Deck

Balser, Andy

  • Power Through Presentations is a light-hearted but practical guide to overcome one of the most common challenges that faces millions of business professionals today: translating ideas into sleek presentations. Other books target presenters who are taking the stage to speak to a room full of people. But most of us create a presentation deck that is then emailed or reviewed over the phone. There’s a massive underserved market of business professionals who need help to create effective PowerPoint® slides in their day-to-day work. Some common challenges are addressed:
    • How can I turn facts and data into compelling visual images?
    • How can I create a concise project update to review with my boss?
    • I have a ton of detail on this service we’re going to launch. What’s the best way to explain it so it’s understood even when I’m not there to speak to it?
    • Where can I get a useful PowerPoint® examples without researching for hours?
  • Andy Balser received an engineering degree but can’t engineer his way out of a paper bag. He also has a business degree, with a double major in playing cards and shooting pool. With no other marketable skills, he developed a reputation for delivering simple, effective presentations to multinational corporations, which has taken him around the world. He lives in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Published: May 2013

    ISBN: 9781550229509

    Dimensions: 9 x 6 in.

    Pages: 176