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Playing With The Big Boys: A Woman’s Guide to Poker

Van Vleet, Laura A.

  • How to crack the seemingly closed brotherhood of poker. Men do it. Boys do it. Even brothers and cousins and fathers do it. But for many women, it remains a mystery, a closed brotherhood of codes.Much has been written about poker, but this is the first book that focuses on the needs of women. This is a book for women, by women, who want to claim their seat at the poker table — and win!

    The information in Playing with the Big Boys comes in an easy-to-follow, lively, and practical presentation. Everything from the origins and basics of the game, to the variations, to strategies, and to the ways women can participate in tournaments is included. Readers will be led through the chapters by "Laura," our card-shark heroine: How did Laura get started? How did she become her local winner? What advice can she give to other women for their home games or for possible casino ventures? And how can women contend with husbands, boyfriends, Big Boys — and take their money?

    Beyond the fundamentals of 5- and 7-card stud, blackjack, draw games, and Texas hold ’em, the authors investigate the unusual variants such as Chicago, Indian Poker, baseball, lowball, hi-lo, and Anaconda. Betting receives equal treatment, and Laura gets to the heart of "when to hold them, and when to fold them." Bluffing gets its own separate treatment, as does the problem of how to manage a losing streak — or a winning streak. And all told from a woman to other women.

  • Laura A. Van Vleet and G. L. Norris are a writing partnership, as well as friendly competitors at their Sunday night poker game. Together, they have written episodes for Star Trek: Voyager, and have had articles published in Cinefantastique, Metro Boston, and ESPN: The Magazine.

  • Published: October 2002

    ISBN: 9781550225341

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 180