Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Reason Before Passion

Christiano, Kevin J.

  • Pierre Trudeau is one of the most fascinating figures to emerge from Canada in the twentieth century. This book plots the course of Trudeau’s remarkable life: a lively narrative follows the youthful Trudeau from a privileged upbringing in Montreal. It describes his education in the virtues of liberty, charts his vagabond travels through the “hot spots” of the postwar world, examines his bristling journalism, and explains the appeal of the ideas that ultimately drove the future prime minister into the public arena — and kept him there, gripped in battle, for nearly two decades. In addition, this biography contains an extensive bibliography in both French and English, and contains photographs of Trudeau covering all the stages of his life.
  • Kevin J. Christiano is a professor of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

  • Published: May 1994

    ISBN: 9781550221886

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 165