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Nite Lites

Siemens, John

  • At ECW, we know a sleeper when we see one. And we know a good-night story when it comes our way. Which is why we jumped on the opportunity to publish this extraordinary new collection of stories that will get you sleeping with a smile. Each story, hand-lettered and drawn by the author, is a blend of narrative and cartoon.

    In “Walking Man-Spanking Hand” the two figures up there in the walk-don’t walk signal box get a whole new life when their box turns into a home for its inhabitants. “Bird Dog” is a variation on the pilgrim’s tale of strangers thrown together in the course of their travels — In this case, the strangers are all dogs. In “Mr. Snuggle,” our hero endures the trials and tribulations experienced by a young person on the path to maturity. Sound familiar? Well, the hook is that Mr. Snuggle is a reject from a toy factory, a plush toy in the form of a businessman with a cigar.

    Siemens’ humour throughout Nite Lites is gentle, quirky, and amazingly fresh. One look at these adult bedtime stories and you'll be hooked on their originality and ingenuity. Sweet dreams.

  • John Siemens works in Halifax.

  • Published: December 1995

    ISBN: 9781550222654

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 88