Greatest, Weirdest, Most Amazing NHL Debuts of All Time, The by Andrew Podnieks, ECW Press

The Greatest, Weirdest, Most Amazing NHL Debuts of All Time

Podnieks, Andrew

  • Hit the ice in the NHL for the first time with over 300 hockey stars

    From Hall of Famers to lesser-known players, every one of the more than 7,700 NHLers skated in a first game. Many of these debuts are noteworthy because of a record that is plain amazing (Al Hill’s five points), a record most dubious (David Koci’s 42 penalty minutes), or an achievement never likely to be replicated (Larry Hillman gets his name on the Stanley Cup after just one shift). Prolific sports writer Andrew Podnieks’s comprehensive new book features more than 300 spectacular debuts, from 1917 to 2019, and hones in on great achievements and amazing exploits culled from each player’s first night of NHL stardom.


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  • Andrew Podnieks is the bestselling author of more than 100 sports books, including Fast Ice: Superstars of the New NHL (2018). He has written extensively on the NHL and international hockey, and he sits on the IIHF’s Hall of Fame Selection Committee. He lives in Toronto, Ontario. Find him online at

  • Published: October 2019

    ISBN: 9781770415157

    Dimensions: 9 x 9 in.

    Pages: 200


“To a man, every NHL player can tell you about his first game. Andrew Podnieks has compiled a remarkable treasure trove of stories, from players whose first game was the start of a brilliant career to those whose first game was the only one they played. Every page has a unique and interesting twist on the one thing every player has in common: the first time they played in the NHL.” — Gord Miller, hockey commentator, TSN

“From Newsy Lalonde to Cale Makar, from those who made their NHL debuts on their birthdays to one game wonders, once again Andrew Podnieks proves there is no hockey detail too small he can’t turn it into a fascinating, comprehensive, and fun read. Andrew makes hockey history come alive. He connects the dots.” — Damien Cox, author and broadcaster