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Murder at Osgoode Hall: An Amicus Curiae Mystery

Miller, Jeffrey

  • Lawyer Jeremiah “The Splinter” Debeers is an anti-Establishment champion of the little guy… and a pain in the backside for his fellow “benchers,“ the wealthy old-boy governors at the Law Society. So his sudden death in the Society's library raises some pointed questions. For one, what are the confidential records from the Society’s wine cellar doing near his corpse? Will the Society’s resident cat, Amicus, be sent to Her Majesty’s “Doghouse” (the humane society shelter) for the murder of a bird on the Law Society lawn? And speaking of environmental crime, will Amicus’ companion human, judge Ted Mariner, ever complete his seminar paper on the constitutional rights of tree-huggers? Amicus, Q.C. (Questing Cat) is on the prowl for the answers. Written in a witty style, filled with legal sidebars, and narrated by the feline Amicus, Murder at Osgoode Hall will delight mystery readers, as well as those learned in the law.
  • Jeffrey Miller is the senior feature columnist for The Lawyers Weekly, a legal correspondent in radio and TV, and diligently avoids working as a litigation lawyer.

  • Published: May 2004

    ISBN: 9781550226355

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 234