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Montreal Inside Out: A New View of the City

Sobol, John

  • Montreal, an island in the St. Lawrence River, is an emotional city. To walk its streets is to sense a mood -- sometimes warm, sometimes anxious, depending upon the political climate -- but always invigorating and vital. The Québécois culture offers a striking contrast to that of the rest of North America. Montreal is far more European, epicurean, and stylish than most -- or perhaps any -- other North American cities. This book will offer you a glimpse into the lives and attitudes of Montrealers, the beauty and rough charm of the city, and the rich historical legacy that informs its everyday life -- a daily life of stimulating sights, sounds, tastes, events, and people. It is a city that, once visited, is impossible to forget.
  • JOHN SOBOL is a writer living in Toronto.

  • Published: October 1992

    ISBN: 9781550221596

    Dimensions: 6 x 5 in.

    Pages: 100