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The Moment Coming

Christakos, Margaret

  • A new collection from an intense, provocative poet. An elaborate meditation on the challenges to the female self and the long-term partnership of raising a child, Margaret Christakos’s new book, The Moment Coming, is a compelling, personal interrogation of both the notion of family and parenting. Her critically acclaimed previous collections, Not Egypt and Other Words for Grace, have established her reputation as an intense, provocative poet: one who is willing to take risks, in style and content, and venture into self-scrutiny to put both desire and subjectivity on the line. Playful, accessible, and captivating, The Moment Coming goes even further. From the intersection of technology and the lyricism of landscape in “The Seating Place (Not Aided by a Computer),” a poetic cycle written against the backdrop of a Georgian Bay summer that becomes a reckoning with her family of origins and the birth of her first child, to the confronta- tion of un- and less-spoken struggles in “Bringing You Up,” Christakos charts a new poetic terrain. Over the course of this book, she describes the complex and passionate realm of responsibility and accountability. The result is stunning. A landmark collection, The Moment Coming ekes a true poetry of citizenship out of the “ordinary” worlds of raising children and inventing one’s own sense of family.
  • Margaret Christakos currently resides in Toronto with her partner and three children.

  • Published: October 1998

    ISBN: 9781550223620

    Dimensions: 5 x 8 in.

    Pages: 121