The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa

Peart, Neil

  • Neil Peart’s travel memoir of thoughts, observations, and experiences as he cycles through West Africa reveals the subtle, yet powerful writing style that has made him one of rock’s greatest lyricists. As he describes his extraordinary journey and his experiences — from the pains of dysentery, to a confrontation with an armed soldier, to navigating dirt roads off the beaten path — he reveals his own emotional landscape, and along the way, the different “masks” that he discovers he wears.

    “Cycling is a good way to travel anywhere, but especially in Africa. You are independent and mobile, and yet travel at people speed — fast enough to travel on to another town in the cooler morning hours, but slow enough to meet people: the old farmer at the roadside who raises his hand and says, 'You are welcome,' the tireless women who offer a smile to a passing cyclist, the children whose laughter transcends the humblest home.”

  • Neil Peart is the drummer and lyricist for the legendary band Rush, and author of The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa and Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road.

  • Published: June 2004

    ISBN: 9781550226652

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 298