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Margaret Atwood's Fairy-Tale Sexual Politics

Wilson, Sharon Rose

  • Sharon Rose Wilson’s analysis of Atwood's sexual politics through fairy-tale patterns offers a new reading of Atwood and a fresh appreciation of the traditional fairy tale’s ability to illuminate modern literature. Challenging feminist assumptions that fairy tales limit gender roles, Wilson discloses the genius of this fascinating writer to use the fairy tale to transform the images of women and men. Fairy tales have been perceived by feminists as perpetuating negative female role models; however, Wilson illustrates Atwood’s reworking of the traditional message to achieve a transformation that empowers women. Of additional interest are examples of Atwood’s artwork, published here for the first time.
  • Sharon Rose Wilson is professor of English and Women’s Studies at the University of Northern Colorado. 

  • Published: January 1994

    ISBN: 9780878056392

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 430