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The Letters of John Sutherland, 1942-1956

Whiteman, Bruce

  • From the beginning, John Sutherland recognized that his literary gifts lay in criticism rather than in poetry. His independence from the academy and his largely autodidactic training gave him a unique perspective as a critic of Canadian literature. What these letters document, beyond a purely personal struggle, is a period (1942-1956) of great importance in the development of Canadian poetry, and it is above all the nuts and bolts of that development that they bring into keen relief: the economics of publishing books and literary magazines in the days before The Canada Council, and the difficulty, if not the impossibility, of trying wholly to live a life in literature at that time.
  • BRUCE WHITEMAN is a poet, critic, and librarian at McLennan Library, McGill University.

  • Published: December 1992

    ISBN: 9781550221701

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    Pages: 362