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The Last Hiccup

Meades, Christopher

  • A poignant and surreal fable about the nature of good and evil filled with a dazzling cast of characters … and millions of hiccups

    A darkly funny, tragic, and ultimately heroic novel set in 1930s Russia, The Last Hiccup is the story of Vladimir, an eight–year–old boy stricken with a case of the hiccups — that lasts over a decade.

    Put through a series of extraordinary, often bizarre treatments by a famous physician, Sergei Namestikov, Vlad is spirited away from his rural home and doting mother to a hospital in Moscow. But Sergei’s chief medical rival, the brilliant Alexander Afiniganov, believes that beneath Vladimir’s mirror–less eyes lurks a pure, unbridled evil, and Vlad is removed from polite society.

    Isolated from everyone and everything — save his hiccups — Vladimir grows up to find inner peace among the hiccupping. On his way back into the world he once knew, through a country now in the midst of war, he encounters many strange people and situations, and worries about what would happen to him should a cure for his now–comforting affliction be found.

  • Vancouver-based CHRISTOPHER MEADES is the author of The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark (ECW Press). His story “The Walking Lady” won the 2009 Toyon Fiction Prize. Find him online at
  • Published: April 2012

    ISBN: 9781550229738

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 240


"Meades reveals himself a gifted writer, deft with descriptions splashing surrealistic images." — Kirkus Reviews

"Christopher Meades's writing feels like an artform in itself … if you enjoy dark-ish humour, Canadian literature or books that are just different, this is the book for you." — Just a Girl Geek

“Extremely clever, dark, surreal, and unexpectedly poignant. I certainly hope Chris continues to push himself into the unexpected, for I sense there are fathoms of fantastic weirdness in him just aching to be discovered." — Shelf Monkey