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The Jill Kelly Poems

Porco, Alessandro

  • Adult-film diva Jill Kelly, in all her splendid forms (performer, producer, writer, and director), serves as the ultimate 21st century icon in Alessandro Porco’s The Jill Kelly Poems.

    This debut collection presents a poetry of surfaces that, at once, cherishes its Bacchus-like existence and comes to terms with its very impossibility through intelligent, irreverent, and formally sophisticated poems: an ode to Christina Aguilera; a love-sonnet for Rambo; and an epitaph in memory of Sharon Tate.

    Porco’s climactic sequence dramatizes, in gonzo fashion, the union of language and forms of poetry – a consummation that erupts from the page, leaving readers feeling a little bit dirrty (that’s right, with two r’s) but, undeniably, wanting more. Ample double entendres and sexual punning; lewd bar-room balladeering; comic revisionist histories that expound, for example, on the origins of the thong; libidinal utopias filled with D-cup superheroes and militant villains – it’s all in the name of good ol’ fashioned silicone fun!

  • Alessandro Porco, originally from Brampton, Ontario, now divides his time between the country north of Toronto, and Montreal. His poetry has appeared in such literary magazines as Matrix, Grain, and Queen Street Quarterly.

  • Published: April 2005

    ISBN: 9781550226874

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 60