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I Am a Rose: A Life in Poetry

Levitt, Stacey

  • “The poems are poignant and moving.…The poet’s vision is precocious — she had an unexpected sophistication in the way she saw the world.…” — Rosemary Sullivan

    Stacey was a superior dancer and athlete, a top student, and a friend to many. She was also a gifted poet who demonstrated an extraordinary ability to capture in words the wonder of her world.

    Stacey’s parents published her journal of poems, I Am a Rose, shortly after her death. This book of poetry served as an inspiration for the CBC/Vision TV documentary, I Am a Rose, which filmed her father’s arduous completion of Stacey’s climb up Mt. Ixta in Mexico, which had been cut short for her by a storm.

    This collection, and Stacey’s story, have become known by climbers from around the world as they read her work at a memorial set up for her before the final ascent.

  • Published: September 2004

    ISBN: 9781550226799

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 101