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Redekop, Corey

  • An outlandishly funny, unambiguously bloody novel about fame, love, religion, politics, and appetite

    It is one thing to die, alone and confused, trapped with your pants down around your ankles in the filthiest bus restroom in existence. It’s quite another thing to wake up during the autopsy, attack the coroner, and flee into the wintry streets of Toronto.

    It’s not like Sheldon Funk didn’t have enough on his plate. His last audition, for the reality television series House Bingo, had gone disastrously wrong. His mother was in the late stages of dementia. His savings were depleted, his agent couldn’t care less, and his boyfriend was little more than a nice set of abs. Now, Sheldon also has to contend with decomposition, the scent of the open grave, and an unending appetite for human flesh. Plus another audition in the morning.

    For Sheldon to survive his death without literally falling apart at the seams, he has to find a way to balance family, career, and cannibalism, which would be a lot easier if he could stop eating hoboes. Husk, the story of the everyzombie.

  • Corey Redekop has been many things: actor, waiter, disc jockey, cameraman, editor, lawyer (almost), and now the fabled trifecta of publicist/librarian/author. His debut novel, Shelf Monkey, is either a work of insane genius or an intolerable left-wing screed, depending on which review you read. Stunningly handsome, supremely talented, superbly gifted at hyperbole, Corey abides in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

  • Published: October 2012

    ISBN: 9781770410329

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 328


“I loved this book so much and it has one of the best, if not THE best, ending I've experienced in a book.” — The Literary World

Husk is a hilarious and sometimes endearing chronicle of Sheldon the zombie by author Corey Redekop . . . If a witty zombie tale is what you are looking for, Husk is a book you will not want to miss.” — Portland Book Review

“Zombiedom's entire pop culture heritage has been thrown against the wall in bleeding chunks, where much of it sticks.” — Toronto Star

“One of the writers to pay attention to.” — January Magazine

“Fans of transgressive U.S. writer Chuck Palahniuk or Jerry Stahl's gonzo novel Painkillers . . . will appreciate Redekop's dark humour and the wild twists and turns Husk takes.” — Winnipeg Free Press